5 days to find your man – Challenge

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Diese Challenge ist von Svenja und Russell Price, alle Inhalte sind daher nur in Enlisch verfügbar.


You’ve tried and failed with so many emotionally unavailable men your heart is weary and sore?
​You wonder if you’ll ever find the right man for you?
​In fact you wonder are there any good men left?
​You’ve been betrayed, abandoned, and hurt by men and wonder how do I trust again?
​You’ve survived a toxic relationship with a narcissist and you’re determined to never do that again (but you don’t know how).
​You’re searching for your life partner but dating men is a mystery.
​You keep repeating the same patterns in your relationships and you know something needs to change.
​You keep attracting Avoidant men that trigger your Anxious Attachment.
​You unconsciously push Good Men away.
​You’ve grown tired and weary looking for a man and you feel like giving up.
​You understand terms like narcissism, co-dependency, people-pleasing and over-explaining because one way or the other you’ve been there and you don’t want to do it again.
​You’ve cast the spells, chanted the mantras, arranged the crystals, pulled the cards and you still haven’t manifested your man.
​You’re sick of dating apps and think to yourself there must be a better way.
​You’re worried you’ll end up lonely and alone forever.
​You know how to attract men but you always attract the wrong man for you.

Well, do you find yourself here? Then come and join us in the free challenge!

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